Sunday, June 26, 2011

MENULIS itu Indah !

for some people there who said writing was easy, some say hard.
for me everything is correct.


struggle for me to write is extraordinary
people who are good at writing stories or other works, they have been able to combine the thoughts and writings.
amazing is not ?

first, before anyone was the author, they should be able to think, looking for ideas that should be written.
It is very difficult, creating an idea is not easy to think back and analyze whether the idea was worthy to be written.

second, after the idea comes up then it must be good at describing the ideas in a word or text that not themself understand, but another party must be aware of his writing.
This is the most difficult stage because it requires a special skill, not everyone is good at stringing words, not all understand the clever idea fit the purpose. unusual for people who are good in this!

writing is the art of the most beautiful combination of brains, hands, and eyes.
imagining things easy but it reveals the true structure of imagination to understand other people's things difficult.
pride for the people who are good at writing, like my idol DAN BROWN, to me he was a great novelist. anyone who read his novels as if we become real and play a role in the novel.

writing is not just expressed in words but the words make it more structured.

survivors learn to write, because people who have reached this stage are the ones who not only great balance in the brain, but hands and eyes;)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

HIDUPMU adalah SEJARAH terbaikmu !

There are some people who say that the
might be just a
, but for me it's a false statement because your life story is a
wonderful story
of a lifetime.
write a life story may be very not important for some people but be aware of your writing that someday you will surely laugh when you're sad, you definitely will be sad when you're happy. yaa ... that's the memories always gave the color in life and a moment that your story could be a great inspiration not only for you but also for others, great is not it?
and this is the story of my career ...

My career began in elementary school where I was always chosen in the lead, I was given the job of teachers to lead the gymnastic routine performed every Friday, shame .. but this is the beginning of my career that makes me till now always be someone who has always felt close to the lead.

Moved.. junior high school I was elected student council president, proud? of course .. certainly did not expect because I was female and this is the first time a woman becomes student council president at my school. in junior high I also participated in various organizations such as scouts as vice chairman, member Paskibra who always participated in the race until the race took part in the ceremony as the flag bearer? proud dong .. :) Otherwise I'm also active in PMR is actually not so active, I'm including children who are good at it because it was awarded 10 children with the highest score in my school and attended the Olympic level biology area and managed as a champion of the 2nd.

At the high school I joined the organization interactive computer club where taught about the big 0 in sum, hahaha I did not understand at the time of IT-related, other than that I followed the famous English club with a myriad of accomplishments in my school who delivered my second in the race won language drama english. since junior high I was interested in the English language as evidenced by my record won the story telling, great is not it? hahaha .. Who first?

And now I'm a college student ..
I followed the scientific research unit as chair of scientific research division which was the forerunner I dwell in the paper, I deliver a myriad of accomplishments achieved in the event of a national writing competition, high reward for me;). other than that I got a chance in the most prestigious event in the national scientific writing competition that will be faced with university students in Indonesia .. crazy? should not be proud! This PIMNAS an event that is getting top notch in terms of scientific reasoning. other than that I have successfully followed the Olympics as a representative of the university's biology, succeeded in the race debate english 2 years in a row and get a champion. no words other than thank God that comes to this ....
I will actively as a lab assistant in the field of microbiology, super busy indeed .. but this is fun from here I have many educated as an adult and have a more mature attitude ...
yaaa .... This is partly the story of my career that one day this will be a wonderful inspiration ...

remember! your life is the history of your beautiful life:)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

For Dream and Hard Effort

This year is the year that makes me more and engage in meditation and be grateful for the greatness of Allah always hears the prayers of his servant, and keep the heart remains istiqomah pursue ideals. This year there are some major prayer was granted:

"Join in Biology Olympic" as representating from UNSOED in Central Java

This is a great tribute to me during my college because there is no intention at all to join in the Olympic arena, a big achievement in my life because it had never occurred at all, although the results can not continue to the next level was limited to central java.

"Participants debate inter faculty championship and won as quarterfinal"

and this is the second award after previously only as Octo final achievement was arguably a step further than before, through inter-school debate competition, I felt proud and a lot of benefits that can be taken apart only to the extent the award alone, thanks to my friends one team who have worked hard to get an award like this.

"Participants in the writing competition at national scientific PIMNAS as a race that will support is implemented in the upcoming July"

This is the highest award a student because it can join in as Indonesia's most prestigious event, here will be held scientific writing competition in which each delegation of every university in Indonesia will be presenting scientific papers. and I hope later in the month of July I can give the best results for my university.

Alhamdulillah…Alhamdulillah…Alhamdulillah… apalagi yang bisa disebutkan?