Monday, June 18, 2012

Segara Anakan Mangrovers

June 3, 2012, I followed the activities of BIA (Biologist in Action) from UPI (Unit Penelitian Ilmiah) Biology Faculty, Jenderal Soedirman University. The event is an activity visit the mangrove areas in Segara Anakan, in Motean Village, Cilacap, Central Java.  I was there for planting seedlings of mangrove seedlings from Rhizophora species. it was exciting journey.

By the way, anyone know about Segara Anakan?

Segara Anakan is the largest mangrove area in the island of Java. Segara Anakan is located in southern waters, cilacap, Central Java. in Segara Anakan was overgrown mangrove species, such as Rhizophora, Avicennia, bruguieria, Sonneratia, etc.. By the way, What is mangrove? Mangrove is a special plant that live in intertidal areas. Mangrove has many benefits, one of which is the ecological benefit; prevent coastal erosion. Communities who living around the mangrove areas  normally using mangroves for the economy, such as mangrove wood as fuel. However, this is very unfortunate if the mangroves are exploited on a large scale will broke mangrove ecosystem itself.

The presence of mangrove ecosystems is essential to be maintained because of how important the role of mangroves. One of the activities carried out by planting mangrove seedlings on an empty area around the shoreline.

  Me and the other mangrovers planting mangrove seedlings in the ex embankment area where a lot of overgrown acanthus. We traveled about 1.5 hours to reach the Mottean village by boat, and after that we have to travel more by foot along approximately 2 km to the area where to be planted with mangrove seedlings.

I hope this small activity is a major step in maintaining the mangrove ecosystem in the future.

Regards mangrovers,