Thursday, July 14, 2011

Diary Kunjungan Ilmiah Goes To BAKMIGOR

Hi all, this time I want to tell you about my experience doing scientific-visit to Bandung, Sukabumi, and Bogor for 3 days ..
Dear All,,,
for 3 days 10-13 July 2011 I did a scientific visit, many stories, love,grief, and wisdom that I gained during the three day ..
let's first talk of the town :

1. Sukabumi
Sukabumi is a city of the first goal, which in this town we headed to the factory Indolakto who once visited the two places, namely IndoIndomilk and ice cream.
in plant science Indomilk we get around the manufacture ofsweetened condensed milk, liquid milk and its way of packaging and its contents. we immediately see the process of making milk,
very attractive:) besides we are given some exciting door prizes and souvenirs. after that we headed indo ice cream factory which was situated in a region still Indolakto, its activity there is not much different except that we see the process of making ice cream, until we got a few boxes of ice cream, yummy ... 

2. Bogor
Bogor herein after as the second city after sukabumi, in this town we headed to the region of IPB where here we do a comparative studywith friends HIMABIO (Biology student club), here we do the sharingand laboratory visits. many things that we learned where we neverhad, and I think some programs can be emulated.
we are here for 3 hours, and at the moment I came home very happy because I had met my old friend Agung who is almost 2 years we have not met.

3. Bandung
after the city of Bogor, night we went straight to Bandung to rest the agency said it was a guesthouse but the fact that only soldiers dorm alone, damn it! I originally thought would be a soft mattress to sleepsoundly on the contrary: ( but it does not become an obstacle us tobe discouraged because after that we were served a special trip to Lembang to visit the hall of artificial insemination. wowwww! in this place I really get the science many are related to learning newartificial insemination in cows, goats, and sheep truly remarkablelessons.
after that we got to the Pasar Baru to shopping, oh my God i felt so tired because it have 7 floor and i around all the building with my friends to search and buy something..
so happy shopping guys because the prices is cheaper than other.

oke guys,, thats all for my scientivic visit :)

i enjoy and get a new to learn and more knowledge that i've  got :)