Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Menganti is Beautiful Virgin Beach

Menganti that i've ever heard is the virgin beach with white sands......

On 22 Sept 2013, a very sunny morning, i decided to vacation with my close friend to one of the beaches in Central Java. This beach is famous for its white sands and beautiful scene.  Therefore, this beach is known as Virgin Beach.

What is the name ??? Yeah, the beach is Menganti

Menganti is located in Kebumen, a city in Central Java, adjacent to Banyumas city. I travelled from Purwokerto by motorcycle for about 2 hours. The way to the Menganti is very turtuous, because it surrounded by Serayu mountaint. Although a long journey, but trust me it was paid for the beauty of scene.

After 2 hours for trip, i arrived at midday. The hot sun didn't prevent to me for enjoying the beach. After arrived, me and my friend decided to take a break at a food stall while enjoying the beach. 

After that, i headed to the highland for looked Menganti from the top. This journey by foot for approximately 15 minutes to reach the top. At the top of this land, there is a lighthouse that is used to see the sights around. 
woooow, this is a wonderful beach that i've ever seen... the blue water, brunt of the waves, fisherman, white sands, coral reef, beauty mountaint, and all of it, i seen from the top!
I sat on the grasses and admire the beauty of God's creation while chatting with my friends. i didn't forget to take some pictures of the sight. 

I didn't feel the time showed at 4 pm, and i rushed down to feel the beach while waiting for the sunset. I saw a lot of marine organism that live in the coral beach like starfish, sea urchins, clams, sea cucumber, and many more. This indicates that the beach is still virgin, there has not been contaminated by pollutant. 
So wonderful! 
i enjoyed the sea water and white sands until sunset time arrives. Instantaneous, sea water also has begun its ups, and it was time for me to return home.

It was highly recommended place for refresh our mind,, 
Menganti i will come back for next journey... 
See you Menganti, thankyou for the beauty of you...

Me at the highland

i feel freedom yeaaaaah

Menganti from the highland

The beautiful Menganti from the highland

Waiting a sunset time

Enjoying the beach


Sea urchins