Saturday, October 29, 2011

Nightmare (The most Frightening Thing)

Nightmare is one of the most frightening thing, especially for me. Sometimes nightmare can scare us until finally we made ​​upset, stress, and so on ..

How the nightmare could happen?

Some studies explain that the nightmare could come when the condition of the body is tired, even exhausted. in addition, people also say nightmare in part able to come because we forget to pray before bed. yes, sometimes indeed I often fall asleep until I forget to pray.

Nightmare is like a dream three-dimensional, we like actually exist in the dream and make matters worse nightmare is always indicated by a very bad dream, like death, accidents, murder,and so on.

Dream was always associated with the interest of our sleep, but who like the nightmares, and worse after that we will be overshadowed by the nightmare. And whether it's nightmare will materialize? most people thought it was just a flower bed, but for me still. Flowers were beautiful and the nightmare was bad, very bad so it can not be equated with flowers.

Dont to get a nightmare, pray and sleep.