Friday, August 19, 2011

Dreams Will Guide Your Way

How important the dream?
dream is a direction or path in your life, what you want it as the foundation of life. Sometimes parents told us "Do not dream can not be higher then if it hurt". to me that the phrase is wrong, very wrong ... 

We must have the highest dreams, because it is our benchmark. Life must have a direction, can not walk at will. What you want in life? Please start your dream and write in a sheet of paper or remember in your brain, remember and hold and try to pursue that dream. Trust me your life would feel meaning less.

Do not let your dream can not you get, this is the motivation aliveYou will not be willing to let your heart hurt, regret, or disappointed are'nt you?

Then what are you doing?
Yes, dreaming and get ..

Do not be afraid to dream, because of the dream what you want will be happen.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wanita itu Hebat !

Today was much encouraged about the emancipation of women. The question: what is the emancipation of women? Talking about emancipation depicted is a form of gender equality, of equal rights, and of course about the struggle. Basically men and women are very different, not seen from any physical parts but about the mind and emotions of the soul, those things which make men superior than women. 

Well, that's nature!
Actually just different ways of thinking, and it can still be changed.
Women in the future should be able to think like that, women were created to be placed side by side with the men next to them rather than below it. Based on the expression of the creation of Adam and Hawa, Hawa was created from a rib from his left adam prophet, not the bottom. Women should be more sensitive about it. Women have the same rights as men, right to work hard, to succeed without having to forget the nature of women are in the kitchen and take care of the child. This wonderful woman, multi-talents! thankful for being created as a woman.
she was more powerful!
A Women should not be lazy because women have equal rights. Right to life,live a life as he wishes. Women's future should be more independent, changing the way of thinking than using emotional logic, because that is the figure of women weakness. Women have a right to be champions. Women should able to be her self not all the things dependent with men.
Who is the women today already to be women future ? the answer is You.