Saturday, May 26, 2012

Finally i got you Karimun Jawa

Do you know about karimun jawa? Do you know about the beauty of it? Oh god Karimun jawa is a paradise under the sea.
This is my first time visiting the underwater paradisethe Karimun jawa islands. Karimun jawa located in  Java. Six hours from JeparaCentral JavaI use the Muria boat from Jepara, central javaless than about 6 hoursa very interesting triparound us there is a stretch of sea water, incredible. "70% of the earth is water"and now I am very confident with that statementthe mainland is only a small fraction. After 6 hours I finally arrived in Karimun jawa, this is precisely the main island.After arriving in Karimun Java, I  took pictures at the gate. After that, me and my friends went straight to the inn. During a trip to the inn I saw ambient conditions, economic conditions in karimunjawa was not what I think before, the road was damaged. Unlike the case with many people is known of paradise, was like a resort town. Whereas karimunjawa save incredible natural charm. The first day, we went to Cemara besar Island where we will practice on seagrassescoral reefsand reef fish. Attractive impression in this island is the first time I felt the sting of a jellyfish. So incredible! it feels like an electric shock in the whole bodybut to reach the shores we must pass itamazing isn't it. In this island too, i first time saw coral reefs. Oh god, so beautiful place. I face to the coral with snorkel and masker. We count the number of coral reefs along the transect line, i feels like to take it but karimunjawa is a national park which is a conservation area. I also swim with the sharks. Initially I was very scaredbut it was tame sharksI felt very happy and even had time to hold the sharks.The second day I visited the east area is  Kecil island. In the island I see the beauty under the sea. The first minute I saw was ordinary, and than.... so amazing,  like a mermaid fairy tale story, super pretty. Many coral reefs and a variety of colors, other than that I try toen courage holding the coral reefs. I also see the coral reefs and even hold a starfish and sea cucumbers. Interesting is not it? it feels like a beautiful dream, the journey was extraordinary. Unfortunately rained after snorkeling, so we paid back eventuallyEvery night at karimunjawa me and my friends always visit the squareI tried to enjoy a meal in the square, one of which is fish ball. Its delicious, not least with meatballs in Java, the different is using the fish. Besides that, I also like casual conversation with friends while enjoying a night in Karimunjawa. In addition to local touristsin karimunjawa was visited by many foreign tourists. Last day in karimunjawa it was so heavy. I want to visit all the island in karimunjawa, but time split us. Here's my story for the karimunjawa. If you choose karimunjawa as a holiday target, it is the right choice, especially for those of you who love the beauty of the sea. I wish I could meet it again. See you Karimunjawa in the next time...
With sharks

In Muria ship
In boat from Cemara island
Karimunjawa Gate

in Harbour
With friends
Wait the sunset
at sunset time
on the ship