Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Unconditional Love

Love, a word easy to say but difficult to explain. Many people are saying about love, talk with easy about love without knowing the meaning of love. For me love is the same as White is the word that represents the color of clean, pure, and spotless.

Love is clean because it was sincere.

Love is not conditional because there are some people who say love is blind, yes it's true love is blind. For us who have to get love,our hearts should be able to also get sincerity, because love is sacred away from liver disease. Wonder indeed for people who love dirty of white, true color is a destructive love itself, it's not real love. Only love is thin with desire, lust was black, unlike dirty white. Black is always opposed to white.

Many stories about love, love to talk about whiteness. indeed sweet, sad? is certain. It was love. Reminded of a story, about someone who is caring for his wife for 25 years, for him if people in this world glorifies a lovebut do not want to give time, energy, thought, attention is vanity. A good phrase, indeed. He sacrificed his life for love, that's what I said his name was a sincerity. Love is clean, white will always hijab with lust. Clean love we have, for it has always been the color most clean and pure, that is white.

Unconditional love for his sincerity, until whenever love will still be white.
keep that love in the heart as unconditional love, make love as aconditioning and helper corruptions of our hearts, for us to keep the black hijab.