Saturday, February 2, 2013

Scientific Paper Competition @ UIN Jakarta in Final

Well, this is my fifth competition in 2012 . I joined National scientific paper competition Indonesian Public Health Student Summit on November 2012 . This competition had been held in UIN, Jakarta especially health faculty with the main topic about of dangerous smoke . I joined with my best partner, also from biology faculty .
I am very interested with this competition because the result final paper will be published and approved by minister of health . So, i fight to be finalist in this competition.

After almost 2 weeks i searched about this topic, i wrote about herbal cigarette . I replacement of hazardous substance in cigarettes with natural compound. Beside that, the natural compound have health benefit also. The natural compound is Aloe vera and Green tea. I modified this compound such as cigarettes in generally. I think it is the best solution for decrease smoke activities in Indonesia. i am very optimistic will be the finalist in this competition . So i fixed it, and sent......

Day by day, i wait  announcement from the committe...
and finally, yeaaah i am the top ten finalist in this competition . i prepared all the things that i want to do in final day. I will meet 10 finalist from other universities in Indonesia including UI, IPB, UNAIR, etc . On the final day i gave the best presentation in front of the adjudicators . I just have an optimistic . I didnt hope to be the winner, because I was a finalist, that means my paper will be published in a book with all the finalist . And the conclusion.. I got award the best paper category in this competition. :)

- Fight forward !

My first book which approved by Minister of health Indonesia

Me and all the finalist